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Glass ball mill machine - ball mill (rod type) for grinding glass description

Glass Overview:
Glass is composed of sand and other chemical material to melt form (mainly the production of raw materials: soda ash, limestone, quartz). A continuous network structure is formed in the melt, and the viscosity of the cooling process is gradually increased and the crystallization of the silicate non metallic materials. The chemical composition of common glass is Na2O·CaO·6SiO2, the main ingredient is silica, is a kind of amorphous solid structure. Widely used in buildings, used to separate the wind and light transmission, belonging to the mixture.
Glass ball mill

Glass ball mill machine:
Glass ball mill, also named as rod type ball mill, has two types of dry and wet, users can choose according to their own actual conditions. Using advanced controllable in and out material technology, combined with the actual grinding materials should be equipped with appropriate grinding body, the traditional surface contact is modified line contact, discharging particle size is more uniform and higher yields, widely used in refractories, chemical, metallurgy, glass industry for grinding product uniformity requirement relatively high grinding operation, in recent years also used for building with sand sand industry.

Glass ball mill application:
Widely used in river gravel sand, ore grinding processing, used as iron ore powder grinding mill, ore grinding equipment, mine mill, sand and stone grinding machine, powder grinding machine and so on, can also be used for metal and nonmetal mines and water conservancy, building materials sector to grind all kinds of ores and rocks.

Glass ball grinding mill advantages:
1, saving power - save more than 40% power than the old type of equipment.
2, the use of advanced controllable feeding and discharging rod mill technology, combined with the actual needs of the grinding material equipped with appropriate grinding body, changed the traditional ball mill surface contact into line contact, the sand making machine discharging granularity is more uniform and higher yields, suitable for different hardness ores(Mos hardness 5.5--12).
3, the fineness of the material can be adjusted - through simple adjustment to change the discharging size of the material, the built-in fineness control device, the material can increase the screening device, two checks, both not produce grinding and will not be mixed into the finished product.
4, rod type ball mill has two types of dry ball mill and wet ball mill, can make a choice. For the processing of quartz sand, dolomite, monazite and other products, later the grinding mill can be equipped with magnetic separator for removing iron.
Glass ball mill

Ball Mill For Grinding Glass:
The ball mill is one of the important glass-making machine. In the glass making process, the need for pre-processing of raw materials. Bulk raw material (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.) is crushed, mixed and fired before. The important role of the ball mill is that we can complete the milling process, so that the material can be fully mixed, so firing the glass in order to achieve the desired results. 

Finished glass grinding, ball mill also can play a good role. It can be sufficiently milled cullet original silica powder is formed, so that people can make full use of the re-used for the processing and production of other items. At the time of production, should be based on the characteristics of the glass, select a suitable ball mill grinding to meet the needs of production and energy efficiency.

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