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Slag vertical mill

Slag vertical mill

Production capacity: 0.2-1.5 million tons per annual

Grinding pan diameter: 260~5600 mm

   KFMS slag vertical mill with function of fine crushing, powder grinding, drying, power separating and conveying. With advantages of high crushing and drying efficiency, products fineness is easy to be adjusted, low noise, low power consumption, simple working process, low abrasion consumption, etc. Can meet 0.2-1.5 million tons per year production capacity ore slag micro powder production line projects.

Slag vertical mill

1:Grinding roller part   2:Limit position decrease vibration device    3: Hydraulic system    4:Separator     5:Frame 

6:Grinding disc part    7:Main reductor     8:Main motor

>> Features

1.Decrease investment, intelligent control

With function of crushing, drying, grinding, powder separating and conveying, etc. Compact layout, footprint area is about 50% of ball milling system and can open layout, decrease investment greatly; The machine match with PLC/DCS automatic control system, can remote control, simple operation.

2.According needs adjust fineness freedom

New type high efficiency cage shape rotor powder concentrator, make sure final products the specific surface area can be adjusted freedom at the range of 400-550㎡/kg, meet user all kinds fineness requires.

3.Single machine power consumption can’t exceed 30kwh

Adopt horizontal grinding pan and cone grinding roller to ensure material can form stable material bed, low energy consumption, compared ball milling system saving about 30%-40% energy.

4.Significant energy saving feature, convenient for maintenance

System in negative pressure condition, without powder flow out, clean environment, meet national environment protection requires; Through check oil cylinder, reversal rocker arm, convenient and rapidly replace roller sleeve and liner, reduce stop working losses.

5.Genuine parts, reduced maintenance worries

In the whole system, grinding roller rocker arm and other parts manufactured by kefan machinery, genuine produce, quality assurance, reduced clients after sales difficult fine parts problem greatly.

6.Mineral powder metal recycle profit is CNY360/ton

Special designed iron remove device making pig iron recovery rate achieved 0.2-0.3%, produce per ton ore slag can get about CNY360 metal profit and avoid metal “enrichment” phenomenon, reduced wearing parts consumption, decreased maintenance cost.

>> Technical Data

Model and specifications Diameter of millstone  Median diameter of roller  Standard installed power Standard ability
  (mm) (mm) (kw) (t/h)
KFMS3200 3200 1700 1600 50
KFMS3500 3500 1800 1800 60
KFMS4000 4000 1900 2240 70
KFMS4300 4300 21 20 2800 90
KFMS4600 4600 2240 3150 105
KFMS4800 4800 2240 3550 125
KFMS5000 5000 2360 3800 140
KFMS5300 5300 2500 4200 160
KFMS5600 5600 2500 5000 180


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