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Mobile cycle grain dryer

Mobile cycle grain dryer

Power supply voltage:380V 50HZ

Working power: 9.6-36KW

Production capacity:10-400T/D

Reduce moisture per hour:0.5-3%

Coal consumption per hour:20-70kg

  The machine main suit to dry rice cereal, corn, wheat, soybean, rapeseed, seed grain, grass seed and other granule materials. The machine main used for grain enterprise, crop and business specialist, after processed heavy temperature grain convenient for storage, in the market economical condition, improved economic profit, development and design this dryer machine for the grains, oil plants, seeds, grazing grass seed and other plants the whole drying machine, the technical level of domestic and foreign similar products in the leading level.

grain dryer

  Mobile cycle cereal dryer products are steel casted structure, the whole machine composite by drying tower, cooling tower, hot air furnace, blower, elevator, cycle belt conveyor, machine power control, etc. There are single tower, double tower, three tower and multi-tower combine, the manual introduction suit for series products using. The structure: elevating structure, cycling structure, drying system, cooling system, uniform distribution discharging grain structure, heating supply system, operation control system, etc. Matched heat resource: coal furnace, rice husk furnace(can burn straw, rice stalk, wood, bamboo dust, etc.), nano far infrared, thermal superconducting, steam, oil, gas, gas furnace.

grain drye

1:Elevator       2:Elevator main drive      3:Guard Bar     4:Manhole     5:Lifting Hook     6:TowerBody   

7:Elevator Fixed Bottom    8:Hot-Blast Air Pipe    9:Exhaust Duct     10:Hot-blast Main Pipe     

11:Elevator with tension governor     12:Grain Feed Hopper     13:Cycle Feed Hopper    14:Clean Bottom plate   

15:Observe Hole    16:Row grain below storage hooper     17:Bottom observe hole      

18:Uniform distrbution row grain machanism      19:Cycle conveyor     20:Mobile ground wheel

>> Features

 1.The dryer can mobile working, convenient to install and using.

 2.Multiple drying, automatic cycle return back, low speed cooling can realize cereal water moisture decrease greatly, heavy moisture grain once feeding can decreased to safety moisture.

 3.Optimization angle box structure, low resistance of grain layer, saving energy consumption.

 4.Uniform distribute discharging grain, without blind angle, cereal with uniform drying.

 5.Three stage continuous drying, multiple airflow pipeline, big airflow capacity, low temperature return flow with low speed, cycle drying decrease moisture, indirect contact with air, effective ensure cereal quality.

Remarks: because of the grain have the different dry variety, it have the different requirement for the physical properties and the time of the hot air temperature, then we recommend reference to parameters as follows:

Variety Hot air temperature Reduce moisture per hour Grain temperature
Corn 80-140° 1-3% Below 58°
Rice cereal 40-80° 0.5-1.5% Below 32°
Wheat 40-100° 1-1.5% Below 35°
Soybean 40-200° 1-2% 20-60°
Rapeseed 100-200° 1-2% 5Above 50°
Seed grain 40-60° 0.5-1% Below 30°
Grass seed 40-60° 1-3% Below 30°

>> Technical Data

Model LKH-20 LKH-20 LKH-60 LKH-80 LKH-100 LKH-150
Loading amount(kg) 5000 7000 15000 20000 25000 35000
Overall dimension Height(H) 6600 8100 9600 11000 12500 17000
Overall dimension length(L) 2900 2900 2900 2900 2900 3300
Overall dimension Width(W) 2300 2300 2300 2300 2300 2500
Water decrease extent(℃) 5-15        
Hot air temperature(℃) <120        
Grain max heating temperature(℃) 55        
Heating media Clean air        
Coal consumption(Standard coal)kg/h 15-40 30-75 50-105 75-160 80-230 90-320


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